Restore, Replace, Or Refinish Hardwood Flooring And Makeover The Floors In Your Business

If your business has worn hardwood floors that need to be refinished, are hidden under carpet, or are damaged, there are options to fix them. You may want to restore floors with light repairs if you want to preserve their aged appearance or refinish floors that are too damaged. There may also be areas where you want to install new floors in your business. The following hardwood flooring solutions are some of the options for your business that you may be considering:

Restoring Old Wood Floors, Preserving the Worn Finish and Aged Look

Depending on how old the building is, there may be floors that you may want to preserve. Old wood floors in buildings that were once factories or warehouses can look good with a little restoration and minor repairs. Talk with the commercial hardwood floor installer about options to restore some of the floors in your business to keep the wear and aged finish to preserve part of a building's history. You can keep some of the floors and install some new floors in other areas, which will combine some of the original materials with modern interior design to give your business a unique look when doing renovations.

Refinishing Wood Floors to Give Them A New Look and Makeover Your Business

Another option that you may want to consider for old hardwood flooring is refinishing it. Giving the floors a new finish can restore them back to the way they were when they were first installed and save money on renovations. If the floors are too dark or too light for the interior design you are planning when renovating your business, have them sanded and refinished to change the color tones to something that suits your tastes. In addition, there are also options for using different colors and stencils that can change the look of the floors when they are refinished.

Renovating Your Business with New Hardwood Floor Installation to Replace, Old, Outdated Flooring

Sometimes, there may be old hardwoods that are worn beyond repair or commercial flooring like tile and carpets that are outdated and worn. If this is the case with the floors in your business, the best option is new hardwood floor installation. Today, there are options for real white oak hardwood or engineered hardwood floors to give your business affordable and attractive new floors when you are doing renovations.

These are some of the options that you may be considering for the wood floors in your business. If you are ready to renovate your business with newly restored floors, contact a commercial hardwood floor installation service and talk to them about the right options for the different areas of your business.