4 Tips For Preventing Slips And Falls In A Restaurant Kitchen

Restaurant kitchens tend to be very busy places where a lot is going on. One of the challenges restaurant owners face is preventing slips and falls in the kitchen. Luckily, there are several things that can be done in order to minimize the risk of a person slipping or falling while on the clock in a restaurant kitchen. If you own a restaurant, use the following tips to help protect your kitchen employees from falling:

1. Make Sure Everyone Wears Non-Slip Shoes

One of the easiest ways to prevent falls in a restaurant kitchen is by ensuring that all employees wear non-slip footwear for each shift. Make it clear to your employees that this is a strict rule; when hiring new employees, you may want to consider asking them to show you that they have non-slip shoes to wear before they start their first shift.

2. Use Clean Mops

Restaurant kitchen floors can get dirty quickly, and it is not uncommon for grease and grime to build upon the floors, which can make them extra slippery. Since removing grease and grime from the kitchen floor is essential, make sure that a clean mop head is used each time the floor is cleaned. Reusing a dirty mop head can just spread the grease and grime around, creating an even bigger problem.

3. Purchase Commercial Grade Floor Cleaner

Commercial restaurant kitchen floors should not be cleaned the same ways the way residential flooring is cleaned. Using any type of floor cleaner that contains soap is a major mistake in a commercial kitchen. Your best bet is to purchase a commercial floor cleaner that contains a degreasing agent. These types of commercial floor cleaners are designed to remove all grease and grime from the flooring to ensure that the surface is not slippery.

4. Pay Attention to Your Commercial Floor Drains

Every restaurant kitchen should be equipped with several commercial floor drains. If your restaurant is in a historic building or in a building that has been converted into a kitchen, you need to invest the money to have commercial floor drains installed. Commercial floor drains from a company like Sani-Floor help ensure that restaurant kitchen floors stay as dry as possible, which can go a long way towards preventing slips and falls. 

Don't forget about your commercial floor drains-- they need to be maintained in order to work properly. Make sure that the drains are cleaned regularly to ensure that there are no clogs.