3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Carpeting With Hardwood Flooring

Is the carpet in your home worn out, dingy, or otherwise needing to be replaced? Are you trying to decide what type of carpet to replace it with? While carpet can be okay as a flooring material, it may not be your best choice. Hardwood flooring may be overlooked by many people for a variety of reasons. However, it has several advantages over simply installing more carpet. Some of these advantages include:

Durability: Carpets can wear out relatively quickly. Even the best and most expensive carpet may not last very long in high-traffic areas. The pile will start to compact and to retain dirt, no matter how much cleaning you actually do. A hardwood floor installation, on the other hand, is naturally more durable. There is no pile that can be crushed and most spills aren't going to stain so long as they aren't allowed to sit. As a result, your hardwood floor will look almost new for a longer period of time than even the most expensive carpet. Even if you don't care about how "new" your flooring looks, hardwood's total lifespan is still longer than that of carpet.

Easier to care for: Carpet's lifespan can be extended somewhat by the regular use of professional carpet cleaners. However, this can be an expensive proposition. You can purchase your own carpet cleaner to help prolong the time in between professional cleanings, but this will result in taking up your time instead of your money. If you're like most people, there are many things that you'd rather be doing on weekends besides cleaning your floors. Fortunately, a hardwood floor installation doesn't require any of this. Although you will still have to wax the floor once or twice a year, cleaning the floor and keeping it nice will mainly consist of sweeping up debris and of using the occasional wet mop on it.

Better for allergies: Since it is made out of a cloth material, carpet has a tendency to invisibly collect dust and pollen. When you walk on the carpet, this dust and pollen can be released and will then trigger allergies. There are some higher-end vacuum cleaners that can help with this somewhat, but the issue will continue to persist. With a hardwood floor installation, there is nowhere for the allergen materials to collect and to hide. If you or a family member has allergy-triggered asthma, having hardwood floors will result in fewer asthma attacks since there will be little to no allergens that can trigger an attack.

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