Tips For Keeping A Carpet Soft And Full

If you've added a new carpet to your home and are enjoying how thick and luxurious it feels, start planning now to keep the carpet feeling so nice and soft. Foot traffic and dirt can make that soft carpet fall flat very quickly if you're not careful. In addition to frequent vacuuming and cleaning, there are a few quick and easy things you can do to help keep that carpet feeling a lot nicer.

Area Rugs in Strategic Locations

Sometimes there are areas of the carpet that are just always going to be under stress. For example, the section of the carpet in front of your children's favorite seats on the couch. They might be constantly and absent-mindedly dragging their feet on that section of carpet, tapping and kicking the same spots over and over again. For areas like that, add small area rugs that you can change easily. When one of the rugs starts looking worn, then you can just move a new one into its place. The carpet underneath will be protected.

Rearranging Furniture

Foot traffic contributes to a lot of carpet compaction, so switching the areas that end up with a lot of foot traffic can help preserve your carpet. Moving furniture around so that traffic patterns have to change can save your carpet from full flatness and expose softer, fuller areas that were previously hidden.

Correcting the Carpet Depth on Your Vacuum Cleaner

One factor in keeping your carpet nice and soft is how the vacuum you use works on the carpet. Many vacuums have a setting that you can change for carpet depth, usually giving you a choice between a couple of lengths. It's important that you use the correct setting. Don't set the vacuum for deep pile when you have short pile, for example. If you set it for the wrong depth, the vacuum might not work as well.

Using the deep vs. short pile example, if you have carpet with a short pile but set the vacuum for deep pile or shag carpeting, the vacuum won't beat the carpet as vigorously as it might otherwise. The deeper or shag carpet settings prevent the beater bar from grabbing the pile and yanking it into the vacuum. But that also means that the sucking power of the vacuum -- there's no way to put that delicately -- might not be as good as it would be if you used the short pile setting.

If you're still finding spots where the carpet just isn't as soft as it should be, even after applying these tips, call a carpet company to see what's going on. It could be the carpet just needs a deep cleaning, or you could have to replace part of it. But the carpet company's staff will be able to help you determine what to do.