3 Ways to Keep Allergies Away When Replacing Carpeting with Tile Flooring

If your home has carpeting that has seen better days and is worn down, dirty, or damaged in some way, you may be looking into getting tile flooring installed once the carpet has been ripped out. If you're somebody that suffers from allergies and is worried that the tile could be problematic for your allergies, it's a good idea that you look into what you can do to make your home as hygienic and free of allergens as possible.

Clear Out of Your Home During the Construction Work

The best way to ensure that your home isn't going to be problematic for your allergies while the carpet is getting ripped out is simply staying out of the home while the construction work is going on. This is especially important if the carpeting takes up a large area of the home since there likely aren't many places to go to get away from the dust and debris.

When getting carpeting removed and new tile flooring installed, it's a smart idea to make plans so that you're out of the home and can simply return once the tile is put in so that you're not breathing in construction debris and dust.

Make Sure the Carpet Is Removed Entirely

If any carpet is left in the home, it's likely that you'll breathe in some dust and allergens that have been left behind. This can be especially true if the carpeting is left in some areas close to where the construction work was done, since dust likely has settled in. If you want your home to be as easy to breathe in as possible, you can improve the air quality considerably by getting the carpeting removed throughout and opting for tile flooring in every room.

Purchase Cleaning Equipment to Keep Your Tile Clean

While the tile floors will look clean and be great for allergies right after they're installed, they can quickly lead to issues if you don't have the proper cleaning equipment. Purchasing a vacuum designed for bare floors or a mop that can work for tile will ensure that the tile floors stay sparkling clean and so that you won't notice an increase in allergy symptoms.

As you prepare for getting the carpet ripped out of your home and getting tile installed, you need to keep in mind what goes into making sure that the tile stays clean. With the above tips in mind, the construction work can go smoothly, and you won't notice any problems with air quality. 

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