Old House, New Floor: Removing The Layers To Discover A Beautiful Floor

If you've purchased a house that is decades old, you know that it will come with a bit of work. Usually, original floors in a house are buried somewhere beneath the layers of carpet and vinyl, but how can you be sure? In a kitchen, especially a kitchen in an old house that has not been recently updated, you can sometimes unearth a beautiful floor. But, in some cases that is not possible. Here are some options for you to consider.


Your first step to possibly restoring the original floor is to find it. This is often harder to do in the kitchen than in other areas of the home. In the other living spaces, it's typical to see old wood floors carpeted. However, in the kitchen, the story is different. Generally, the late 20th century had renovators gluing down new linoleum or other forms of vinyl tile. When these became outdated, homeowners might have installed laminate over top of it or simply laid new vinyl over the first layer, so don't be discouraged if you remove one layer of flooring only to find another undesirable layer. In order to discover the beautiful wood floors that could be lurking underneath, you'll need to scrape off all these layers before the floors can be refinished.

After you have the layers removed and you have discovered existing hardwood, you'll need to contact a contractor about whether or not they can be refinished. Even if a floor looks like it's in bad shape, many stains can be removed and damaged pieces can be replaced. If the entire floor has been damaged by water or termites, you will need to look into replacement options. 


In some cases, once you remove all the vinyl, you might discover no hidden gem, but the work to remove the layers of vinyl is still worth it for a couple of reasons. First, the other floors in your home have a certain height. With the layers of old flooring materials, the kitchen would be hard to level out with the rest of the home. It's better to work from a bare subfloor. Secondly, getting down to a manageable floor height means you are primed to match the existing floors in other areas of your house. It is possible to match new hardwood with the older wood in your house. If it isn't possible, you can install a popular tile floor—generally, ceramic or porcelain tiles cannot be installed over layers of vinyl. 

For more information, contact a kitchen renovation contractor like Bay Tile Kitchen & Bath in your area.