How To Choose The Best Flooring When You Have Pets

Pets and flooring often don't mix, leading to foul odors, scratches, and nasty stains that make you cringe just thinking about them. You still want beautiful flooring in your home, but you want to choose the option that will work best for your pets too. Whether you want hardwood, carpet, or linoleum, here are the best ways you can choose the right flooring for your home when you have pets.


When it comes to pets and hardwood, your goal is to choose flooring that doesn't scratch or wear easily. This means you want to stick to durable wood options, such as:

  • oak
  • maple
  • elm
  • cherry

Choosing a darker hue for your hardwood and wide planks also help mask scratches from pets' nails and makes cleaning up hair and debris much easier. Avoid softer woods, such as birch, pine, or redwood, since these pit and dent easily under pets' feet and normal wear and tear.


When it come to picking carpet for your pets, you want to remember two things: fiber and color. You want a thick, fibrous carpeting that is dense in nature to help your carpet last against heavy traffic from your pets, especially around doorways and in hallways. Thicker fibers can also make it easier to clean pet stains by showing less wear from scrubbing. Choosing a multi-color pattern of carpeting will help mask pet stains and bare spots that occur with time due to pets clawing at or ruining the carpet.

If you need carpet for just one room of the home, like a mud room or area where pet supplies go, opt for a flat commercial carpet. This type of carpet is easy to clean and doesn't require the appeal that carpet for the rest of the home normally needs.


If you like the versatility of linoleum but don't want to damage your flooring due to having pets, opt for vinyl instead. Vinyl flooring resembles any type of flooring you'd like, from marble to hardwood, and is stain, scratch, and water-resistant. As a bonus, vinyl tends to be a noise reducer, which means it can absorb the classic clicking sound of your pets' nails when they walk on it.

Whether you want luxury carpet, beautiful hardwood, or just easy linoleum flooring, you want to choose options that work well for you and your pets. The right flooring will help you keep your home cleaner and more presentable no matter how much damage your pets cause.

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