Picking Countertops So They Complement Your Flooring: Tips You Can Use

If you are thinking of getting new countertops, you want to make sure you choose a style that will match your flooring best. Here are tips you can use to pick out countertops that will complement your flooring even as you upgrade flooring in the future.

Go neutral

If you have a decorated flooring style, such as rock linoleum or a checkered pattern, you want to go with countertops that are neutral in style. Choose granite countertops in a soft gray, cream, or even tan so they always match your flooring well without contrasting too much with the vibrant patterns or hues you like in your flooring style. If you like a richer countertop color, opt for a stark white or even pewter so you can have the elegant effect you are hoping for.

Be subtle with designs

Patterns in countertops can be fun, but be subtle in your design options. For example, you may want to choose a solid-tone granite or ceramic countertop with flecks of color, or simply choose a ceramic or rock border to place around the edge of your countertop design rather than throwing a pattern throughout. This gives you the freedom of expression you are going for with color without contrasting too much with your existing or future flooring choices.

Stay away from trending hues

A deep royal purple or black countertop design may sound like fun now, but trending hues may limit your ability to choose the flooring you want in the future, unless you want to go totally neutral in your flooring options to let your countertops pop. If you love to make a statement with your countertops but fear going too far with color, then go with a granite design rich in color with intermingling neutral or pastel tones to break up the harsh hues. For example, you can go with a rich black countertop with flecks of blue, gold, or turquoise to break up the stark color and make it more complementary to your flooring choices.

Before buying any countertop materials, ask your contractor or flooring expert if you can take samples home with you. This way you can compare various styles to your existing flooring to see what matches best. If you plan on upgrading your flooring in the future, match floor samples you like with countertop designs to make sure you choose designs that will match beautifully. With a bit of research, you can have lovely countertops that will always look great with your floors.